Gamepad Get Connected


You can use this action to check and see if a given gamepad "slot" has a gamepad connected. You supply the gamepad index (this is the number of "slot" that a gamepad occupies) and the returned value will be stored in the target variable that you supply for future use (this can be flagged as a temporary local variable that you create for this event or script).


Gamepad Get Connected Syntax


参数 描述
游戏手柄 The gamepad index to check.
目标 The target variable to store the returned value in.


Gamepad Get Connected Example
上述动作块代码执行了一个 for 循环来检查游戏手柄是否连接到了12个可用插槽中的任何一个。. 如果发现检测到了游戏手柄,则会将全局变量设置为当前插槽号,并且终止循环。