Movement Actions Library

Movement Actions

In any game, movement and position are of paramount importance and so GameMaker Studio 2 has a complete selection of actions to deal with every situation. The two main ways of moving an instance is to either set the actual position (x/y) within the room, or to set a speed/direction vector. The actions shown here cover both methods and you can use the Common Action Assign Variable to directly set the x and y position yourself.

The Movement actions available are as follows:

设置固定的方向 设置固定的方向
设置可变方向 设置可变方向
设置点向 设置点向
Set Random Direction 设置随机方向
设置速度 设置速度
设置重力方向 设置重力方向
设置重力 设置重力
反向 反向
设置阻力 设置阻力
跳到指定点 跳到指定点
跳转到起点 跳转到起点
Snap To Grid 吸附位置
Room Wrap 在房间内卷动