With this function you can get the y coordinate (within the given grid disc-shaped region) of the value being searched for. You give the DS grid index (as returned by ds_grid_create) along with the x/y positions for the center cell of the disk. Then you give the radius (as an integer value) around the center cell to search, before supplying the value to search for. If the value being searched for does not exist, then the function will return -1.


ds_grid_value_disk_y(index, xm, ym, r, val);

参数 描述
index 栅格的索引
xm 栅格内圆盘区域x位置。
ym 栅格内圆盘区域的y位置。
r 栅格中圆盘的半径
val The value to find.




if ds_grid_value_disk_exists(grid, 5, 5, 5, val)
   xpos = ds_grid_value_disk_x(grid, 5, 5, 5, val);
   ypos = ds_grid_value_disk_y(grid, 5, 5, 5, val);

The above code checks a ds_grid for a specific value within a disk region. if it is found, it then stores the x and y position of the value in two variables for later use.