point_distance_3d(x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2);

参数 描述
x1 向量组件的第一个x坐标
y1 向量组件的第一个y坐标
z1 The z coordinate of the first component of the vector
x2 向量组件的第二个x坐标
y2 向量组件的第二个y坐标
z2 The z coordinate of the second component of the vector

返回: Real(实数)


This function takes the supplied components of the vector and returns the length (distance) of the vector. It works in exactly the same way as point_distance() but with the addition of factoring in the z value (depth) for use in 3D space.


var inst, ex, ey, ez;
inst = instance_nearest(x, y, enemy);
if inst
   ex = inst.x;
   ey = inst.y;
   ez = inst.z;
   if point_distance_3d(x, y, z, ex, ey, ez) < 200
      instance_create_layer(x, y, "Bullets", obj_Missile)

The above code will get the x and y and z coordinates of the nearest enemy and then use them to check the distance (length) of the vector formed by them and the player coordinates. If the value is less than 200, the player object will create an instance of "obj_Missile".